Warm is better


This is an interesting tidbit:


It is the influence of circadian rhythms on body temperature that seems to yield the most control over the quality of a workout. When body temperature is at its highest, your workouts will likely be more productive; when your temperature is low, chances are your exercise session may be less than optimal.

Body temperature is at its lowest about one to three hours before most of us wake up in the morning, in contrast to late afternoon when body temperature reaches its peak. Studies have consistently shown that exercise during these late-in-the-day hours produces better performance and more power. Muscles are warm and more flexible, perceived exertion is low, reaction time is quicker, strength is at its peak, and resting heart rate and blood pressure are low.


Great advice!

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Don’t overwork your abs!


Good little blurp that I came across, thought id share:

Here’s a mistake many people make in the gym: They do endless sets of crunches, leg raises, and sit-ups… all geared toward seeing those toned abs they want.

This is not a good idea as it can literally shut down your recovery ability. You’ll slow your progress in the gym (or at home)… and your fat-burning too. And you may give up your plan entirely because of it. Here’s the brutal truth: Ab ‘muscles’ are easy to build. It only takes about 3 minutes 2-3 times a week… that’s it. The muscles are not what make your stomach flatter… it’s the nutrition plan. You’re just building muscle underneath layers of bodyfat. I do very little direct ab training. When I do it’s usually 3-5 minutes tops 2 days a week

Excellent information: don’t waste too much time on your abs!

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Dogs needs LOTS of exercises!

Really good reading today, here’s an excerpt:

In addition to the basic requirements of food, water and shelter, a dog needs physical activity, social dealings and mental stimulation. Most of these needs can be fulfilled by simply taking your dog for a walk. Besides, daily exercise leads to joint health, heart health and increased lung function.

Even if you stay at home throughout the day, many of us are preoccupied with chores around the house or involved in something else that doesn’t include your pooch, therefore not giving our pet the companionship he needs. So what does he do? He gets bored! And let’s face it: A bored dog will most likely become a destructive dog.

Taking your dog for a walk provides him the attention from you that he wants and needs, reinforces obedience skills and provides mental stimulation. Taking in the sights and sounds of his surroundings allows him to gather evidence about how his surroundings have been altered since the last outing.

Dogs are social animals. If you meet another dog or person during your walk, this gives Fido the opportunity to socialize.

Puppies should be encouraged at an early age to appropriately respond to and get along with other dogs and people while on walks. These positive experiences help your dog learn to behave well when encountering visitors to your home.

So now that you’re ready to leash up your pooch and get walking, where do you go?

There are a great many pet-friendly places to take your dogs to get exercise. Just make sure you follow the park/fields rules regarding dogs. Try:

» your own neighborhood

» walking trails

» parks

» athletic fields

» dog parks

And remember, if you can’t get outside much, a dog treadmill is the next best thing!

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Benefits Of Treadmills For The Elderly


I have a 90 year old friend that rarely, if ever goes outdoors. It dawned on me the other that how beneficial a treadmill would be for him to use. It allows an individual to walk at home and it is the easy way of getting exercising. Let’s not go into the benefits of a treadmill as this should be fairly obvious. But let’s look at it from an elderly person. They have less energy compared to young people and probably less desire to exercise. Yet it is vital for them to keep active. A treadmill allows them to exercise at their own speed and not leave the house. Not only does it help them physically, but also improves their overall mental states. I have also read that it is helpful in diagnosing coronary artery disease and reduces cardiovascular diseases. So if you have a grandparent, or if your parents are getting up in age, it may not be a bad idea to consider a cheap treadmill for them. One thing to note is that a new machine may be better than a  used treadmill  as these are big purchases that should come with a warranty.

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What NOT to feed your dog.


Hey guys, another quick Pet Health Tip. Getting your dog to exercise is obvious and needs to be done regularly, we’re not going to focus on that today. What we do want to remind you is that you should never feed a dog:

1-Chocolate! Even in small amounts it can be fatal for smaller dogs and can cause serious problems with your pets heath. This is due to Theo bromine which can increase the heart rate and blood pressure of your dog. 

2- Onions, feeding a dog onions can be fatal, onions contain a substance which alters and can destroy red blood cells in dogs this can lead to haemolytic anaemia and sometimes even death.

I know, weird isn’t it! But  it’s true. So keep the chocolate to yourself!

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Why The Elliptical Machine Is So Good


Hey Guys,

A brief note about why elliptical machines are better than treadmills. One of the main reasons is the superior mechanics. It works both the lower and upper body at the same time. This means your heart rate  increases faster which in turn burns more calories. And of course, burning calories is the ultimate goal here.

In terms of fitness, you’re going to get better cardio on an elliptical since every body part is active. This also means that your actual body shape, ie. toning will get better. An elliptical machine will also help to build bone density. The denser your bones are, the less likely you will suffer a fracture. This is important for someone who’s older in age.

There’s also been studies that have determined that working out on an elliptical machine will also trick your body into thinking that it is working easier than it really is. This means that even though you are  achieving great results with an elliptical machine, you are not as likely to feel quite as tired after you have completed your workout.

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You Want Good Cardio?


Then you have to exercise hard, real hard. Your heart needs to pump to burn calories. Some good cardiovascular exercises are aerobics, hard running, and cycling. If you are worried about your knees, you could jump on a Schwinn elliptical machine, which is just as effective. 

For maximum results, the cardiovascular workout needs to be performed in the morning before breakfast. You will burn a huge amount of calories this way.

These exercises are meant to wake your system up and eliminate fatigue from the body. Therefore, these are best done in the morning on an empty stomach. 

So there you have it. Good cardio means hard workouts before breakfast. Simple.

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